What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy

At my Windsor hypnotherapy in Berkshire clinic I utilise Cognitive Hypnotherapy. Cognitive Hypnotherapy was conceived & developed by the world renowned Trevor Silvester, founder of The Quest Institute. One of the fundamental principles of Cognitive Hypnotherapy is that the vast majority (around 90%), of our feelings, values, beliefs, urges, emotions, behavior are driven by our unconscious mind rather than our conscious mind, without us being aware of it.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is significantly different in its approach compared to more traditional forms of Hypnotherapy. It utilizes many different disciplines from Hypnosis, Evolutionary Psychology, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Theory, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Gestalt and encompasses them into a modern structured framework.

Traditional hypnotherapy, typically involves the therapist reading a general script to their client while in a state of trance. The success of this “one size fits everyone script” is limited as it does not encompass the client’s model of the world. Also we as Cognitive Hypnotherapist do not subscribe to the idea of therapy aimed at changing just behavior, as behavior is unconsciously driven. Affirmations that are done on a conscious level are always filtered by the unconscious mind because they usually don’t match their Identity & self worth belief system.

We as Cognitive Hypnotherapists are not as limited in our approach. Utilizing the above techniques & understanding of the mind, we can identify the client’s model of world, (the client’s identity, beliefs & values, capabilities and also how they create, experience and perceive their issue (trance phenomena). With this we then produce a Wordweaving pattern (see below), that is tailored to the client and encompasses the client’s model of the world. This more extensive approach produces long lasting success.

What is Hypnosis?

Everyone goes in and out of natural hypnotic trances every day, without perhaps knowing it. When a person has been so absorbed in a film or book that hours seemed to fly by. Experienced driving somewhere and arriving at their destination without them being aware of exactly how they got there. Realized that someone was talking to them, but were miles away and cannot recall there words later. All these are examples of common everyday trance which happen every day to all of us. Hypnosis is the same. By utilizing these naturally occurring trance states I am able to speak directly with a client’s unconscious mind to find solutions to current issues by uncovering the thoughts, feelings and memory patterns that led to the issue and which continue to maintain it in the present time.


The most important constituent of Cognitive Hypnotherapy is Wordweaving. Developed by Trevor Silvestor it closely follows the language patterns of eminent Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist and Master Hypnotherapist Milton Erickson.

Most classical hypnotherapy techniques involve authoritative direct suggestion, demanding that change is made.

Erickson maintained that it was not possible consciously to instruct the unconscious mind, and that authoritarian suggestions were likely to be met with resistance if the subconscious is unwilling to change, this can be for many reasons – a secondary gain, guilt or fear etc. Erickson found that, by using permissive, accommodating indirect suggestions, the mind finds ways to combat resistance.

Trevor Silvester developed Wordweaving to create a framework in which change can be skillfully created. He achieved this by collated all of Erickson’s patterns together, incorporating the trance phenomena & client’s model of world, (the clients identity, beliefs & values, capabilities etc). The purpose of this is to deliver the appropriate trance phenomena to a particular part of the problem pattern in order to change the perception of that problem. By doing this, scripts are no longer needed as all the Wordweaving patterns are custom-made specifically for that client.

Given that Cognitive Hypnotherapy is highly interactive in nature, and the fact that it draws on the best of many other different disciplines means that it is always evolving. Therefore a whole range of issues can be successfully treated by this revolutionary, effective therapeutic methodology.

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