What is the difference between anxiety and panic attacks ?

This is an interesting read. It proposes the question ‘what is the difference between anxiety and panic attacks ?’ Well, to summarize it states that panic attacks happen when your body’s nervous system feels like it is under attack or in danger. On the other hand anxiety can feel that it is there all the time; you can feel it in the background, in the subconscious of your mind.

BBC – newsbeat – anxiety

So where does anxiety come from?. Well, I am going to make an unusual statement as anxiety is predominantly a human emotion, as we are the only animal that can bring the past and the future into the present and make it feel as if it was real and now, when in fact the event is history and gone or it has not happened yet ! . For example a negative event in the past associated with a negative belief is age progressed in our mind into the future to a similar event which has its own negative belief even though it has not happened yet !.

How to spot anxiety

    • You feel awkward, anxious, uneasy or nervous.
    • Feel doubtful of your self-worth – and self-confidence.
    • Feel faint, light-headed, disconnected from the surrounding area.
    • Easily irritated, breathing becomes heavy, muscles become sore.
    • Twitching, trembling, shaky feelings, palms start to sweat.
    • Continuous crying, feeling of hopelessness.
    • Difficulty concentrating or remembering things.
    • Focusing on upsetting events that have happened in your life.
    • Repeated conversations of people’s voices in your head.
    • Feeling of wanting to escape from your surrounding area or situation.

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