What’s your most important word ? – by a Berkshire hypnotherapist

If you have clicked on this blog you’ve had a chance to think about that for a few seconds. What word came to mind?, perhaps it was love, perhaps trust, was it freedom ?, maybe loyalty. All these are worthy contenders for the most important word, let me suggest another one, as it comes up regularly during my Hypnotherapy in Berkshire sessions. But before we get to it I have attached a link at the end here that shows a vintage clip of an interview with the Honorary Oscar Winner, and late Peter O’Toole. To finally offer the word up for consideration, in the interview Peter says that before becoming an actor he had vague thoughts on being a journalist, but by the time he had reached his early 30’s he had not made up his mind. He said he had kept in touch with an old Headmaster, who at school used to give him a word to think about, a word like LOYALTY for example and then think about it for a WEEK. When he was about 30 and still undecided what work to do , he met him again, this time his headmaster said think about the word CHOICE …and take 3 MONTHS !!. A Life changing statement.
So why is the word CHOICE ? so important, well, if the unconscious but dominant emotion of fear is driving the choice, because its unconscious and dominant we have no conscious CONTROL of ourselves, and of our decision. Our choice and decision is based on fear and we cannot control it !.
In the case of Peter I believe the wise old headmaster knew that Peter wanted to be an actor. However, unconsciously but dominantly there was a fear driving the choice to not make a decision, life was drifting into him becoming a journalist rather than an actor, its less risky and scary becoming a journalist rather than an actor, don’t you think ?, it was only until he confronted his fears over the 3 months that he made a much better CHOICE for him..and all of us too.
Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Berkshire I can help you re-educate your unconscious mind with new perspectives so that fear is not the driving the decisions and CHOICES you make.

Interview with Peter O’ Tool – listen from 5.30 minutes onwards

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