RF, Windsor

I came to Ian with a problem which stemmed from my childhood. It was disrupting my sleep patterns and somehow was turning my life upside down affecting relationships and general life. I had 3 valuable sessions where I had self realization in the first, Timeline Regression in the second and the “Visual Squash” technique in the third. Ian made me feel at ease and made sure I understood absolutely everything he was saying in each session. Even between the second and third session I saw a difference and everyone around me was complementing how much more bubbly I was. It is safe to say thanks to all of Ian’s work I can start to get my life back on track and not look back at all the hard times!.

Once again I cannot thank you enough for all your help!!.

LJ, Windsor

It is hard to find the words to do justice to the unexpected(POSITIVE) changes your course of therapy has made to how I now deal with the issues that led me to find help.

In brief the change in how I live day to day has been amazing, I am able to now do the normal day to day things that most people take for granted, I cannot thank you enough for showing me how to deal with some longstanding issues that had made “normal” existence seem impossible. Whilst my issues had been problematic on and off over most of my life(or at least the last 30 years) the path to overcome and manage these issues has been unbelievably short thanks to your help.

I have to been out to restaurants’ and pubs and have also booked holiday !!!, these things I could never have done before your therapy.

Again, I cannot express how I now feel with my new found freedom to live my life without the issues that had effectively stop me enjoying how I live.

Many thanks again.

AG, Staines

I had a fear of flying which caused me to have a panic attack on a plane. After that, I was afraid of being afraid and that left me grounded for 16 years. My children were desperate to go on holiday somewhere other than France on the ferry and eventually I felt ready to tackle the problem but wasn’t sure how. I had three sessions with Ian which involved exploring the root causes of my anxiety and it definitely helped. He taught me techniques to use in anxious times to help me calm down and re-focus, and the result is that I have now flown and had the best holiday with my family ever. I am still nervous of flying and I don’t think that will ever change but it is manageable now and definitely achievable.

AL, Windsor

I had a problem with compulsive eating and went to see Ian for some help dealing with it.  It had been going on for a number of years and my weight goes up and down.  I felt like if I didn’t get a grip I would always struggle and eventually end up very over weight and unhealthy.  I had done CBT before but I wasn’t convinced it was working and I stopped.
In my first session, Ian helped me understand why I was doing what I was, and explained how he would help.  In the second we explored the reasons behind it using hypnotherapy / trance and addressed those issues directly.  I was amazed how great I felt afterwards – a sense of inner confidence that has has improved other areas of my life.  And I have not eaten compulsively since!
I’ve no doubt Ian can use his skills and knowledge to help people with a wide variety of different issues and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

JJ, Maidenhead

When I first went to see Ian I was depressed anxious and having panic attacks. I felt unable to cope with even the smallest things in my life. Even after the first session when we just talked I realized that Ian’s gentle questions had made me recognize feelings that had been denied for years. Over the next few sessions Ian helped me to work through those feelings and week by week I felt confidence rising and anxiety lessening and I’ve learnt how to relax again. I’m amazed at the difference Ian’s treatment has made to my life in just 4 weeks.

SH, Windsor

“I decided to seek help from Ian as I had an important exam coming soon, which I was very worried and nervous about. I am Japanese, and as a condition of obtaining a UK Visa I was now being required to pass an English exam. I felt that I might not pass the exam as it has time limits to complete and I would panic. Ian’s subtle questioning discovered that the real fear of panicking during the exam was because if I failed I would have to go back to Japan and I wanted to stay in England.

Ian did some techniques which took me back to a time when I had confident under pressure and taught me how to bring back that feeling for just before I was about to do the exam. I practiced this a few times after our sessions and just before the exam. I still felt nervous when I was doing it but I did not panic and I passed.”

MS, Windsor

“I came to see Ian as I was going through a large amount of change in my life. I had recently split up from my husband, I needed to decide where I wanted to live, I felt that I needed to rely on my mother who I had had a challenging relationship with since I was a child. I was down in many ways, feeling lost, low on confidence, unable to make decisions and struggling with family relationships. I found that Ian’s sensitive questioning and manner enabled me to open up to him about how I feel and  to explore complex underlying issues with my mum and family relationships   which had been lying dormant and unacknowledged for some years, many of them for which I was unaware dated back to childhood.

During my sessions with Ian I started to re-gain my inner belief in myself. I started to feel more confident and believe I have the abilities in myself to cope with my new future and not to rely as much on others. I still have an uncertain future but I feel I have what it takes to find my way.”