MS, Windsor

“I came to see Ian as I was going through a large amount of change in my life. I had recently split up from my husband, I needed to decide where I wanted to live, I felt that I needed to rely on my mother who I had had a challenging relationship with since I was a child. I was down in many ways, feeling lost, low on confidence, unable to make decisions and struggling with family relationships. I found that Ian’s sensitive questioning and manner enabled me to open up to him about how I feel and  to explore complex underlying issues with my mum and family relationships   which had been lying dormant and unacknowledged for some years, many of them for which I was unaware dated back to childhood.

During my sessions with Ian I started to re-gain my inner belief in myself. I started to feel more confident and believe I have the abilities in myself to cope with my new future and not to rely as much on others. I still have an uncertain future but I feel I have what it takes to find my way.”