AL, Windsor

I had a problem with compulsive eating and went to see Ian for some help dealing with it.  It had been going on for a number of years and my weight goes up and down.  I felt like if I didn’t get a grip I would always struggle and eventually end up very over weight and unhealthy.  I had done CBT before but I wasn’t convinced it was working and I stopped.
In my first session, Ian helped me understand why I was doing what I was, and explained how he would help.  In the second we explored the reasons behind it using hypnotherapy / trance and addressed those issues directly.  I was amazed how great I felt afterwards – a sense of inner confidence that has has improved other areas of my life.  And I have not eaten compulsively since!
I’ve no doubt Ian can use his skills and knowledge to help people with a wide variety of different issues and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.