Be confident, focused & have fun like a child ! = new skills and a better life.

We all know the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But according to mounting research from the US and Canada the traditional view that  there is a critical period for learning in childhood is over-rated and  that older humans can learn fresh skills, the problem is that they simply don’t go about it the right way. And that as adults we need to approach learning with a ‘child’s play’ approach.

To summarise, here are the 3 main findings and I will also share with you as a Life Coach in Windsor and a Hypnotherapist in Windsor my initial thoughts on how I could help support the approach.

1. Confidence – As children we are possessed with the arrogance of youth, blind faith, this aids learning.  Research suggests that as we get older many us lose their confidence. My view is that as adults we can have unconscious but dominant negative beliefs of what we are good and bad at, that we have retained from childhood and this can make us inflexible on what we consciously believe we can/can’t learn and a fear of failure in the latter. As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I can re-frame negative beliefs and help you find your confidence again.  I can help you more with this at my Hypnotherapy Windsor Clinic.

2. Focus – A child’s sole occupation is learning to speak and moving around. This is highly focused and attentive, as adults we spend a lot of time ‘being busy’ that is not focused and waists a lot of time.  My first thought on this is to ask yourself the question; “what time of the day do I best learn the most?”.  And to start organising and prioritising your life for that time to be free from the ‘busy stuff’ so it is free for learning the new skill. As a Life Coach in Windsor I can help you more with this at my Life Coaching in Windsor Clinic.


3. Have fun ! – I have 2 boys,  3 and 1, I can tell you from experience that children throw themselves into tasks just to see if it’s fun or not, the end result being perfect is not in their minds at the beginning ( or on mine). The research shows that adults can try too hard to be perfect, agonising over details that stifle learning.  My thought on this is what are the real reasons a person feels that something needs be perfect, is it about the item or is that person looking for acceptance / validation from another person ?, and that only by the thing being perfect will they be accepted / validated / loved !…   I can help you with this at my Hypnotherapy Windsor Clinic.

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Ps. My mother loved this song by Frank Sinatra that sums up the above perfectly, called ‘Young at heart’, worth a listen if you ask me.