Life Coaching & Self Awareness

Life Coaching in Berkshire with a difference:

Developing Self Awareness “Know Thyself”

“Know Thyself” is a maxim that dates back to ancient Greece, where it was inscribed at the temple of Apollo at Delphi and central to the teachings of Greek philosophers.

Without self awareness we can feel like we are drifting through life, lost. We can feel deep down that we have something we want to change, something to achieve, or have a destiny, but no matter how we think positively about changing our lives, it does not happen. What we are on the outside and on the inside are not the same, we lack congruence. Our actions are based upon fear, we live in fear.

The Role of Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Developing Self Awareness

One of the principles of Cognitive Hypnotherapy is that 90% of our feelings, identity, values, beliefs, urges, emotions and behavior are driven by our unconscious mind, rather than our conscious mind, without us being aware of it. This is why affirmations that are done on a conscious level, like New Year resolutions to be the person next year we always wanted to be, are always filtered by the unconscious mind because they usually don’t match your Identity & self worth belief system.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy importantly aims at improving a person’s unconscious Identity and Self worth value. It helps align the conscious thinking mind with the unconscious emotional mind. The result is we become more Self aware and start to act and change our lives based upon our emotional unconscious Identity and Self worth value, rather than unconscious irrational fears. We become self aware of discrepancies between our ideal selves and the lives we are living and by doing so we achieve better congruence.

Achieving Flow

So what is flow? Flow is a sense of effortless action. A sense of being completely immersed in an activity for its own sake. Imagine you are in a cycling race. You are in a trance state, attention utterly focused on the feeling of your body and its movements, the power of your muscles pushing then pedals. You are totally in the moment. You have one goal. You are tired and your muscles ache but it does not matter. This is flow.

Flow & Where it Can Be Experienced

Flow can be experienced whilst doing a specific activity or task e.g. cycling or painting. Flow can also be a “whole life experience”, in that a person’s total goals, values, actions etc work together (not conflicting), in a holistic interdependent way, making life feel like it is flowing effortlessly forward.

 Some of the Benefits of Flow

Improves performance. Activities become effortless. Reduces stress. Helps achieve goals. Builds confidence. Creates contentment. Creates satisfaction.

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist with extensive experience in life, I have the skills and techniques to help you develop your flow. I will help you to build upon your core identify, values, beliefs, capabilities and help you to set goals. I will help you to develop focus and live in the moment. These are key elements needed to achieve flow. So whether it is for better flow in your sport, work, or in life as a whole. I can help.

A developed self awareness linked to strong identity, high self worth value, and with flow can give us in times of trouble the ability to fall back into a basic awareness of ourselves. This can unconsciously influence our surroundings and environment, whatever they are, and can even influence our chances of survival. Even if we have drifted off the beaten track, once we have self awareness and ‘know thyself’, we might still be lost in the woods, but we feel we are no longer lost in ourselves, we will find our destiny our own way forward in the world.

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