Sports Performance

Sports Performance

For example: golf, tennis, rugby, running, football, snooker, cricket, martial arts, squash…any sport.

Whatever the sport, it is a well recognised theory that a large proportion of how well we perform is held in our minds, probably as much as 90%. Our thoughts and predominantly our unconscious beliefs and emotions have a direct effect on the way our bodies respond and perform.

Sometimes problems can happen when we allow our conscious mind to interfere with actions, rather than trusting our unconscious ability.

It is a lesser known fact that Bruce Lee was a philosopher, he summed up the secret of performance perfectly:

“Don’t think, feel. It is like a finger pointing to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory”.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy integrating NLP techniques can help enable you to ‘get out of your own way’ and deliver your best performance. It can help you be aware of where a problem lies and help to enhance your skills, build your confidence, and make your performance better and more consistent. You can achieve focus and achieve what top performers call ‘the zone’ – (a trance like state where your performance is flowing and natural, where like Bruce said, you are feeling not thinking!)

Some of the areas in which I specialise and can help:

  • Unconscious limiting beliefs (the difference between winning and being a winner!)
  • Re-capturing loss of skills / excellence (e.g. due to time out because of injury)
  • Achieving consistency
  • Making that next step change in your performance
  • Achieving ‘the zone’ – (a trance like state where your performance is flowing and natural)

Many top sportspeople have got where they are through hypnotherapy. Whether you play sports professionally or socially, I can help you improve your mental attitude, your focus and performance.

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