For example: fear of flying, spiders, heights, etc

Many people seek hypnotherapy to help them with irrational fears and phobias which can be extremely debilitating. There is good reason for this as hypnotherapy is excellent in successfully treating phobias in usually a surprisingly short number of sessions.

Phobias are very common; – as many as 1 in 10 people will be affected by a phobia at some point in their life.

Whereas fear can be a useful response in certain situations in order to keep us away from danger, phobias are can be defined as an unnecessary or disproportionate anxiety in a specific situation or in the presence of a specific object, in other words, the fear felt by the person is significantly greater than the actual threat posed by the object or situation.

Symptoms when experiencing a phobia are fear, anxiety, stress, butterflies in the stomach, flushed face, rapid pulse, rapid breathing.

These physical feeling are actually a natural ‘fight or flight response’, meaning that as animals on noticing danger our mind prepares our body to either take flight, or fight the threat. Blood is directed away from our brain and to our arms and legs and muscles, to best prepare us to run away or fight, which explains the physical feelings when experiencing a phobia. Sometimes problems like this can begin as a reaction to a childhood event, these can then develop and increase over time. The past can influence how we confidently face the future, or it can be a thing that holds us back from being able to do what we really want. By replacing old negative feelings with new perspectives, via Cognitive Hypnotherapy, you can let go of that phobia that is limiting you.

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