Confidence Issues, Self Esteem & Anxiety etc

For example: Low confidence, low self esteem, low self belief & how they cause Anxiety etc

The cause of low confidence can often be linked back to our identity, beliefs, and how we value ourselves. How we truly see ourselves on an unconscious level which can be influenced early in life via our family, parents, teachers, etc. Confidence influences both negatively and positively our capabilities, our motivation and behavior, how positively we deal with challenges and goals, OR how anxious we feel about them, the ‘What if’s’ and how we interact with the world around us.

Anxiety, panic and stress are the body’s natural reaction to a perceived threat or danger. This danger could be present in the here & now or in the case of anxiety be an anticipated one. This is a normal ‘flight or fight response’. Our emotional brain deals with this by releasing Adrenaline into our system and prepares our body to physically react. In the correct circumstances, where we can physically take flight or fight action our bodies will use the Adrenaline and hormones and our bodies will recycle the residual left over to bring us back to a homeostatic level.

However, prolonged anxiety, panic and stress cause the body to be flooded with Adrenaline and hormones which accumulate. This damages internal organs, causes stomach and digestion problems, damages the immune system, which in turn leads to serious illness.

If you sometimes feel that things are getting on top of you and that you are unable to cope – perhaps you have a demanding job, or are going through a stressful life event such as illness or moving home. Perhaps you are feeling anxious about doing something OR not being be able to do something in the future. Or feeling that you might not be able to cope if a specific event happens.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is very effective at helping you overcome these problems by re-educating the unconscious mind in a variety of different ways. We can replace those old negative beliefs / feelings with new perspectives, so you can get back control, change your patterns of behavior & importantly feel less anxious and more confident about your goals and challenges.

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