Are your ‘what if’s’ causing you anxiety ?.

As a Hypnotherapist in Berkshire, anxiety is amongst the most common symptom consulted for at my Hypnotherapy in Berkshire for anxiety – Windsor clinic.

So where does anxiety come from?. Well, I am going to make an unusual statement as anxiety is predominantly a human emotion, as we are the only animal that can bring the past and the future into the present and make it feel as if it was real and now, when in fact the event is history and gone or it has not happened yet ! . For example a negative event in the past associated with a negative belief is age progressed in our mind into the future to a similar event which has its own negative belief even though it has not happened yet !. We then in our minds age regress from the future imagined bad scenarios, to the here and now and turn them into the ‘what if’s’ in life. Even though these are only imagined future scenarios, the body still experiences a stress fight or flight response, the physical anxiety. Prolonged anxiety causes the body to be flooded with adrenaline and hormones which accumulate and cause serious health issues.

So if you feel that things are getting on top of you and causing you anxiety Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Berkshire is very effective at helping you overcome these problems by re-educating the unconscious mind in a variety of different ways.
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