My 3 year old Son keeps saying ‘why’, ‘why’, ‘why?’, what would you say ?.

My 3 year old Son is driving me crazy ! ( joke ). Everything he says has a why?. ‘Why do you work?. Why did my ladybird die?. The other day he asked me where my daddy was (he passed away many years ago), I said he had gone to the sky, why? he asked delving more, it carried on from there, why why why?.

As a Cognitive hypnotherapist in Windsor I use NLP techniques. NLP teaching says that however we might be tempted, we should not dive in with a question beginning with ‘Why?’ as this is one of the more difficult questions for people to answer.

The weather or temperature is actually a good way to start a conversation. NLP teaching says that to make people feel comfortable we should start by talking about the environment around us. This builds empathy, establishes commonality, builds rapport, and in my opinion it allows the subconscious mind to make instinctive decisions about each other, without it being involved in defending direct questions that could be too intrusive.

For example, ‘Why did you become a Surgeon?’ as a first question would mean the person revealing far more about themselves than they might like, I suggest asking a less direct environment question such as ‘You’re a Surgeon, very interesting, where do you practice?’.

This is why successful ‘initial chit chat small talk’ conversations begin with discussions about the journey (wasn’t the traffic good this morning?), the surroundings (what a lovely office this is?) or (what a nice picture that is on the wall?).

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