Hypnotherapy in Berkshire for Confidence

How confident do you think you are?
As a Hypnotherapist in Berkshire I ask you to take a moment to think about that question, think about how do you see yourself. How much of your self-confidence is dependent on situation ?. How much confidence do you feel is dependent on your work?. Your title?. How much of your confidence is dependent on your friends? Your partner if you have one? Your family? Your finances?. Now, as a hypnotherapist in Berkshire, I ask you to ask yourself another question – do you feel an inner sense of confidence regardless of the situations you are in?
What is an inner sense of Self-Confidence ?
Self-confidence is often linked with being in a certain situation ( i.e. job role ), a title ( a label ), a knowledge or skill. However, whilst you may think you have achieved these things you may not feel you have an inner sense of self-confidence. A persons situation / environment is not a necessary a prerequisite for an inner sense self confidence. Someone can sometimes find themselves completely lost in the world and still feel that with their an inner sense of self confidence that they will find their way forward. Someone who has an inner sense of self confidence has a strong sense certainty in themselves, not their situation.
Symptoms of lack of sense of Self-Confidence
Here are a list of some symptoms associated with a low sense of self confidence:
1. A need to control their environment to make sure things will turn out good
2. Always doing things to please others
3. Unhappy with their own company and a need to always be with others to be happy
4. Lack of assertiveness
5. Low belief in their capabilities
6. Preoccupation with looking at past failures
7. A belief that things that have not happened yet will turn out bad
8. Will take the blame for things not their fault
9. Fear of new things
10. Critical of themselves
11. Fear of change
The cause of low sense of self confidence can very often be linked back to our early life when our identity, beliefs, and value in ourselves was formed. How we truly see ourselves on an unconscious but dominant level which is influenced early in life both positively and negatively via our family, parents, teachers, etc. If the influence is negative it creates a low sense of self confidence and this as cause an effect influences negatively our capabilities in oneself, our motivation and behaviour, how positively we deal with challenges and goals, and how we interact with the world around us.
Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Berkshire integrating NLP techniques we can replace those unconscious old negative beliefs / feelings with new perspectives so you can lose those symptoms of lack of self confidence, change your patterns of behaviour and feel more confident about your goals and challenges.
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