Sports performance story, don’t think… feel.

As a Hypnotherapist in Windsor Berkshire I specialise in Sports Performance Coaching, regards to this, the following short story shows that you never quite know when your services will be needed.

In addition to providing Hypnotherapy in Windsor I have a flat in central Windsor which I rent as a holiday let. About 4 months ago a young guy called John (name changed), came to stay at my flat. On his last day at my flat we managed to meet up for a coffee and a chat. We were getting on great, and he shared the fact with me that he was a professional football goalkeeper from (another country ) and he was over here doing trials for a First Division team. He then asked about me, I mentioned that I am a  Hypnotherapist in Windsor and I specialise in sports performance at my Windsor hypnotherapy clinic. His ears pricked up at this moment and after a wow, interesting, he said perhaps I could help him out with a problem. He told me that although he was over here for trials he had not done any professional football for 6 months because he had a knee injury and had been advised by his Sports Coach not to do goal kicks until it had completely healed, and this is where he now has a problem. He went on to say that no matter how hard he tries, his goal kicks are just not the same as they was and that his coach has advised him to go back to basics and practice and think about all the techniques of goal kicking. He then asked me my opinion.

So I chose my words carefully. I said, with respect, his Sports Coach was advising what would seem to be the correct approach, to think, focus, practice, and repeat. I would advise to do the complete opposite!!!. He was a bit shocked but he asked me why ?, I said, ‘don’t think –  feel’, only by feeling  can you  re-capture many years of natural, contextual, now unconsciously automated, developed skills.  As John was about 4 hours from getting a flight back to home I was extremely limited on what I could do, so I said, what I want you to do is get your Sports Coach to line 10 balls in a line on the sports field, and for you to position yourself for your normal goal kick. Take 5 deep breaths, free your mind and don’t think or worry how you’re going to knick the balls as your body and unconscious mind still knows they just need to connect.  Then your mission is to kick those 10 balls as fast as you can just enjoying the experience and allowing your mind to feel and wonder that it might be the first, 5th or last ball you kick, is as good as you ever kicked a ball. And when you look back after the last ball we can imagine how good it might feel to look back and know how good that feels, and that you can do it again.

John said he would persuade his Coach to give it a go. I shook hands him and wished him well.

Last month I got an email out of the blue from John, he said that his coach had reservations that the approach would work, but to the surprise of both it had worked and his goal kicking was virtually as good as before his injury.

Many top sportspeople have got where they are through hypnotherapy. Whether you play sports professionally or socially, I can help you improve your mental attitude, your focus and performance. If you feel I can help Contact me to discuss Hypnotherapy in Windsor Berkshire.