How hypnotherapy can help with stress, anxiety and how to live longer!

I have always had an interest in what is commonly termed ‘the mind body connection’. However, I also believe that the word ‘connection’ in this term is in fact wrong as the mind and body should be considered, and treated as one entity, and that my role as a  Hypnotherapist in Windsor is to help people have a healthy mind so that they can have a healthy body. With this in mind, I found this article on the BBC website, health section, entitled ‘Clue to why women live longer than men’, an interesting read. It’s about a study conducted in Japan that suggests that women live longer than men partly because their immune systems age more slowly. As the body’s defences weaken over time, men’s increased susceptibility to disease shortens their lifespan, so say Japanese scientists.

So with this in mind, to help my fellow man, ( and of course women :-), I thought it would be good idea to write a few words on what can undermine a healthy immune system, the symptoms to recognise when your immune system is low and what can be done to help.

Stress & Anxiety.

As a Hypnotherapist in Windsor Berkshire see many people who are experiencing prolonged stress and anxiety. These feelings are termed the Stress Response, and are how we react to stress. It is also known as the fight or flight response and is the natural reaction we give when under threat or stress. Either the fight or flight response has a major effect on our bodies. Our emotional brain deals with the fight or flight response by instructing the Hypothalamus to release Adrenaline into our system, diverting blood away from the inner organs, digestive system and skin, towards the heart so it can pump more blood to the muscles. This ensures the muscles get extra oxygen. Additionally breathing speeds up to allow the body to take in enough oxygen to supply the blood.

In the correct circumstances, where we can physically take fight or flight action our bodies will recycle the various hormones like adrenaline and begin to bring back the body to a homeostatic level.

However, and this is the important bit, prolonged exposure to the stress response from ‘life style influences’ Stress and Anxiety causes the body to be flooded with hormones and secretions which can accumulate and damage internal organs, cause stomach and digestion problems and damage the immune system.

It is important for people to recognise and link these symptoms with the stress and seek help to prevent long term physical damage, especially to the immune system.

So what can be done to help?

At my hypnotherapy Windsor clinic I can help clients find the underlying causes of their stress and anxiety. I can help re-frame any negative thoughts into positive ones. I can empower people with knowledge and techniques they can use outside the therapy room so that they can manage their negative emotions and reduce their stress and anxiety, for example:

Embodiment (the Mind body Connection)

Embodiment is about the mind body connection. Our physiology determines our mental state, and our state determines what we are thinking. I can teach people how they can control this themselves, and that by doing so have control over their negative state/emotion.  I can teach how to adopt a positive physiology such as breathing, a smile or correct posture. An example is to breath deep and slow when experiencing panic. The tasks that I give clients is to maintain this positive embodiment / physiology when the negative problem state occurs (slow deep breathing for example when experiencing a panic attack), and then they will be unable to access the negative emotion.


I can teach you a technique called Dropthrough. This works by reducing the strength of negative emotions, in this case anxiety. The idea behind this technique is that we give our feelings names like fear, pain, guilt, safe, confidence. By dropping thorough these names like a ladder, because of the label we give our feelings are based on the relationship they have with other feelings it tends to nudge the brain from activating the original feeling to an opposite feeling at the end of the chain.

Ps. My wife is Japanese, and with regards to looking after the body she is very knowledgeable about foods that help with supporting the immune system and health, here are her top 3:

Manuka Honey (must be from New Zealand and UMF 10 or higher) – Anti bacterial (and rare as it is an anti-viral ). . Note do not add into hot drinks as this kills its special qualities.

Coconut juice.  To many benefits to mention, just google to see.

Pomegranate juice. Powerful anti-oxidant and helps avoid free radicals.

Hypnotherapy in Windsor

If you are experiencing long term stress and anxiety, as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist in Windsor I can help, so Contact me at my Hypnotherapy in Windsor and Life Coaching in Windsor Clinic.