Feeling depressed ?, your options include Hypnotherapy

Feeling depressed ?, your options include Hypnotherapy, a view from a hypnotherapist in Berkshire.
Having been successful in using Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Berkshire to help a number of depressed client over the years, I found a number of aspects in this article in the Daily Telegraph to be very common to all.
Why Can’t I get off the happy pills?
However there is one particular point that caught my attention that I would like to repeat here. The lady in question states that when she first visited her GP she was given 2 options – counselling with its long waiting list ( and as of the date of this print it still is ) or antidepressants. In this case the patient was advised to take the antidepressants. But, and it’s a big but, patients do have more options than this. For example, a lady contacted me after visiting her GP and had been informed that she had the same 2 options, CBT with 6 week waiting list ( and that’s a long time feeling depressed ), or antidepressants . She told the doctor that she felt that she did not want to wait that long for therapy and that she did not want to take tablets as she was worried about the side-effects ( see article above ). She also told me that her GP was an informed person and he had said that she had the option to seek private therapy and that Hypnotherapy could help, hence she contacted me. We met for our 1st session within 1 week of her contacting me and had 4 sessions in total within a 4 week period, the 4th session entailed her informing me how happy she was that the 3 previous sessions had been so successful and that did not need any further sessions as she no longer felt depressed. See testimonial JJ, Maidenhead here.
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