Intelligence and success.

Through my experience as a Hypnotherapist in Windsor and Life Coach in Windsor Berkshire, and through my experience in life, I have come to believe that intelligence will get you only half way to success.

So what gets you the other half?

Maybe you are very intelligent and wondering why you feel you have achieved much less in life than you thought you would, or maybe you’re a person that knows they are not Brains from Thunderbirds and feel that because you’re not very intelligent your disadvantaged in terms of what you can achieve in life, for either one of you I have a message.

It is my experience that being intelligent isn’t enough to live a successful, achieved life.

For many years I was a Business Manager in a very large IT department, I knew plenty of very intelligent people, they could crack code like the best from Bletchley Park, but I can honestly say that the majority of them spend most of their lives bemoaning their fortune – feeling stuck, frustrated and puzzled of people they perceived to have better lives and whom they also judged as less intelligent than themselves.

To be successful in life requires more than IQ (Intelligence Quotient) which is the traditional measure of intelligence, the fundamental problem with this is that it does not take into account essential emotional, behavioural and character elements. There are many people who are academically and intellectually brilliant and yet are socially and inter-personally incompetent. Our self belief, emotional habits, and how we treat ourselves and let others treat us (our unconscious self worth value that influences what we believe we deserve and the driving factor in how we treat ourselves) and which are much more important factors when it comes to creating long-term success in life.

In a book I read recently called Emotional Intelligence ( by Daniel Goleman ), he states that to be fully successful and achieved in life it requires the effective awareness, control and management of one’s own emotions and those of other people.

This can be broken into 2 aspects of emotional intelligence

1. Understanding yourself, your goals, intentions, responses and behaviour.

2. Understanding others, and their feelings.

He also states that emotional intelligence consists of five skills:

1.  Knowing what you’re thinking as you’re thinking it.

2. Handling your feelings so that distracting emotions don’t interfere with your ability to concentrate and learn.

3. Motivating yourself, including maintaining optimism and hope.

4. Social skills and having empathy for others.

5. Social skills.

If we continue to develop our Emotional Intelligence we can become more all round achieved and successful at what we do.

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist in I can help you with any underlying unconscious limiting beliefs, re-frame emotional negative beliefs so that they are aligned with your conscious logical mind, develop your self-awareness and thereby support your emotional intelligence development

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